Community Edition

A free license that is feature equivalent to our Enterprise Edition

Our Community Edition license is feature equivalent to our Enterprise Edition, but only includes standard developer support.

Community Edition allows hosting IdentityServer on your own infrastructure (including your cloud). It is not for scenarios where you redistribute IdentityServer, or build software for third parties. In this case you either need a redistribution license, or the end-customer needs a standard license.

Who qualifies for Community Edition?

  • For-profit companies/individuals with less than 1M USD projected annual gross revenue and with access to less than 3M USD in capital facilities
  • Non-profit organization with a published annual budget less than 1M USD
  • Registered charities

The Community Edition license key will be valid for one year. We are happy to renew if you still qualify.

If you would like to request a Community Edition license, please provide:

  • Confirmation that you understood the qualifying criteria
  • Your category (for-profit, non-profit, charity)
  • Your (company) name
  • Your address
  • Your contact email

Get started today!

You do not need a license for evaluation, development, test environments, or personal projects. Simply ignore the startup warning message; it will not constrain your server application in any way.

A good place to start in our documentation are our hands-on labs.